Friday, January 23, 2009

More Messiah

Some random, in-no-particular-order thoughts on America's new Messiah:

  • Where, exactly, does this paragon of excellence come from? Kenya, Kansas, Hawaii, Indonesia, Columbia? For having a poor, single mother, 18 years old at his birth, he appears to have been quite the world traveler.
  • And where, exactly, was he really born? There's no birth certificate to prove he is even eligible to be president of the United States, and so far, nobody with any authority has had the fortitude to challenge him to produce it.
  • This one-of-us, everyday-guy, man-of-the-people has slave owners in his family tree! When it is ultimately decreed that the poor white never-owned-a-slave sods of today's America owe restitution to the born-free blacks of today, which side will Obama line up on?
  • Goodbye to the polite punctuality we have come to expect from President Bush. Hello to the keep-everybody-waiting, who-cares-about-your-time rudeness and inconsideration of President Obama.
  • And on another rude note: The new Commander-in-Chief paid not a moment of attention to the troops passing before him for review. He was too busy talking to the man behind him in the comfort of his heated review stand, and too bad about those poor suckers braving the elements outside.
  • Why do we care how much foreigners like Obama? Did they vote for him or something?
  • Barack Hussein Obama decided to use his middle name "as an olive branch to the Muslims." Huh? How about extending an olive branch to the half of the American population that didn't elect him?
  • It certainly eases my mind, in these turbulent economic times, to have a president so mindful of the financial struggles of the American public that he limits himself to in excess of $160 MILLION for a one-day event.
  • And not only that. With the country on the edge of a deep, dark recession, ethics and morality aside, he has managed to find the $$$$ to resume funding to the anti-life UN Population Fund.
  • Obama is going to git 'er done. And he's not going to waste any time. Just a couple of days in, and the Executive Order is out: Close Guantanamo. The question that hasn't even been asked, let alone answered, is: What exactly is going to happen to the inmates? Oh, no worries. Give them a free pass to America and hire an ACLU lawyer for each and every one, courtesy of the beleaguered American taxpayer. Ok, that problem's solved.
  • But even for Obama's staunchest (ex?)fans, all in Washington is not quite rosy. Gosh, I hate their luck!
  • So, we're not sure of where he came from, or who he really is, but at 1/4 black, 1/4 Arab, and 1/2 white, welcome to America's first "black" president...well, at least black-ish.


Stacy said...

Love you too! Enjoy your blog - I'm in ostrich mode - wake me up when it's over...or when I have to hide in my bomb shelter.

grammaw marina said...

Now that the foibles of the politicians are out in the open, it makes it seem like the current crowd is worse than the previous generation. But it's not true. It only proves that they are spending less money for covering-up.